Aug 15

Fisher Price

If you are looking for the best of the best for baby products, then no need to look further than Fisher Price. Fischer Price has been providing the best quality products for years now, and is one of the top names in baby brands. From Fisher Price children’s pack n play, to their car seat they have to highest standard. They take the safety of your child or children very seriously.

As new parents everyone is skeptical of everything, and yet wanting to spend all the money for the best things for their children. That is when research is the key. Everyone does the research for hours and hours until they feel comfortable they found the best product or brand for their child.

If you need a crib you are looking for a sturdy structure that has the convertible features to change as your child grows, so you should look into the Fisher Price baby cribs. If you’re little on needs safety eating then you have the choice between the Fisher Price Children’s booster seat, and the Fisher Price baby’s high chair. Two seats for two stages of life. If they are small enough and cannot be trusted sitting in their own chair without a barrier, then they need a high chair. If they have reached a level of maturity where they can sit at the table without fear of throwing food, or trying to fall out of their seat, then the booster seat is exactly what they need.

Fisher Price has been at this game for so many years, and has every single product you might think you need for your child. Not only do they have the necessities, but they have the fun toys as well. They have teething rings, stuffed animals, and even learning games. Fisher Price is ready to help your family.

Apr 08

Marcus’ Story

Throughout a person’s life, they remember things, memories, and even dreams that occur very quickly. Things that may have molded them to be better people, molded them to be better at a certain activity or things that made their mark on one individual’s life. Marcus is an individual who believed in ‘we get what we deserve’. In his life he experienced and grew from situations where he got what he deserved and other people got what they deserved. When Marcus was eight, he dropped a bowl of cereal on the floor when he was making breakfast. Marcus knew he would get a timeout if his mother saw the bowl and cereal on the floor, so Marcus picked up the bowl but did not clean the cereal up. He figured he could sweep the cereal under the refrigerator and nobody would know. That was not the case. His mother saw the cereal and he was immediately grounded. It was at that moment when he realized actions have consequences. Growing up Marcus fell in love with water parks and pools. He bought his first pool when he was 19. It was installed in his house. It was the first house he had purchased. He enjoyed that pool as if it was a money machine. He enjoyed every second of that pool. He did tricks, cannonballs and even head first dives into that pool. He moved to a new city and purchased a new house. His preferences changed over time. His love for pools had run out and he was now in love with something new. When he moved, he saw his neighbor’s backyard. His neighbor had steam and smoke coming from the ground. Marcus had no idea where it came from because of the fence being so high. He peeked over the fence one day very briefly and saw the most amazing element ever. It was a steaming hot tub. Immediately Marcus knew that was his new love. He called the owner of a hot tub shop in the new city he moved to and ordered the best one possible. He moved the rest of his furniture in and went to go get his new hot tub Sacramento. The hot tub owner was very polite and helped Marcus install it into his backyard. Marcus sat in his new hot tub and enjoyed every second of it. He and his neighbor now had something in common which gave them something to break the ice with when they meet.