Apr 08

Marcus’ Story

Throughout a person’s life, they remember things, memories, and even dreams that occur very quickly. Things that may have molded them to be better people, molded them to be better at a certain activity or things that made their mark on one individual’s life. Marcus is an individual who believed in ‘we get what we deserve’. In his life he experienced and grew from situations where he got what he deserved and other people got what they deserved. When Marcus was eight, he dropped a bowl of cereal on the floor when he was making breakfast. Marcus knew he would get a timeout if his mother saw the bowl and cereal on the floor, so Marcus picked up the bowl but did not clean the cereal up. He figured he could sweep the cereal under the refrigerator and nobody would know. That was not the case. His mother saw the cereal and he was immediately grounded. It was at that moment when he realized actions have consequences. Growing up Marcus fell in love with water parks and pools. He bought his first pool when he was 19. It was installed in his house. It was the first house he had purchased. He enjoyed that pool as if it was a money machine. He enjoyed every second of that pool. He did tricks, cannonballs and even head first dives into that pool. He moved to a new city and purchased a new house. His preferences changed over time. His love for pools had run out and he was now in love with something new. When he moved, he saw his neighbor’s backyard. His neighbor had steam and smoke coming from the ground. Marcus had no idea where it came from because of the fence being so high. He peeked over the fence one day very briefly and saw the most amazing element ever. It was a steaming hot tub. Immediately Marcus knew that was his new love. He called the owner of a hot tub shop in the new city he moved to and ordered the best one possible. He moved the rest of his furniture in and went to go get his new hot tub Sacramento. The hot tub owner was very polite and helped Marcus install it into his backyard. Marcus sat in his new hot tub and enjoyed every second of it. He and his neighbor now had something in common which gave them something to break the ice with when they meet.

Jul 09

Back Adjustment To Relieve My Headaches

I was in an accident recently and with that I have had multiple headaches. I went to the doctor’s office and made sure there was no concussion or anything internally wrong with my head before, but they said my neck looked out of alignment. Unsure of what to do with that information I left and waited as my headaches progressed and got stronger with every day. There was no relief; I was in constant pain. It reached a point where looking to my left seemed to be a painful endeavor. Later that week my father recommended a chiropractor to me saying that would fix everything.  However, I went to the appointment being very skeptical. I walked in and sat down when the chiropractor came out to greet me. He asked me to get up and walk into the examination room to see what the problem was. I did as instructed, and when I reached the room he was asking me different questions. He was feeling my neck and shoulder, which immediately caused me to tense. He said that he knew exactly what the problem was, and that he could have it fixed with a few sessions.  I did not say anything, but at the time I thought he simply wanted more money from me and more sessions was the way to do that. However after he started popping my back and neck I knew why so many people respond to him. He made sure everything was safe, and then he repositioned my back, then neck. As soon as he did that my head felt different. My headache was not immediately gone, but later that day I noticed myself not noticing the fact that my head did not hurt. It was back to normal. After that experience I knew that this Modesto chiropractor was the real deal. I made more appointments to come back, and I have been coming ever since. He is a wise man and knows how to handle each situation. Whether it is the back or neck this man knows how to assess the situation and make the necessary corrections for the patient. He is a wonderful chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone.

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Jun 27

Moving Soon

Last month I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. I was given the chance to move to France and grow my company brand. However, knowing my deadline to leave did not leave me much time to list my current home and find a potential buyer with a reasonable price. The clock was running and I instantly felt the pressure to accept an offer no matter how good it was. My first step was finding a realtor to help me list my home. That is when I found THE place for real estate in Modesto Ca. I was told that they were very professional and could begin helping me immediately. The next morning I called in and was told I could have a sit down meeting with the company later that afternoon. I went in with certain expectations and was blown away. They partnered me with a realtor and she sat down to talk about pricing and the needs I hoped to have met with the sale. Immediately she took my notes and got all the paperwork ready and had my house on the market faster than I ever expected. She help an open house and had a lot of traffic in and out during the following weeks, and to my amazement I had an offer for higher than my initial price before I left the country. This Company was dedicated from the very beginning to me as their client and kept the drive until the end goal was met. I highly recommend this Modesto Real EstateCompany to anyone who is looking to list their home. They have incredible customer service, and are an honest company to both parties in the deal. I was able to leave feeling excited and ready for my next adventure in life rather than feeling pressured and anxious about not having everything tied up back home. I owe a lot of thanks to this  Company and would advise anyone looking to stop in and talk with their representatives.